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Get ready to hang on high choruses, dive deep through clever introspective lyrics and experience a wall of sound. 

Singer/songwriter John Thayer is a seasoned artist in the Indie Pop scene. The Portland, Oregon, native has worked with some of the best in the business including mixing engineer Greg Collins in Los Angeles (U2, Matchbox Twenty, No Doubt); emerging producer/engineer Micah Tawlks, owner of Peptalk Studio in Nashville, TN; and Rob Daiker, an established producer/engineer and owner of The Commune in Portland, OR.

Thayer's sound has evolved. His debut album "Letting Go" (2000) and "Ideology" (2007) evoke pop rock sensibilities, letting the guitar take center stage. "Laurel Street" (2013) had Thayer really coming into his new signature sound, incorporating more strings and synthesizers and pivoting into Indie Pop territory. "Take It Back" (2015) continued that legacy for a more eclectic sound. "Face to Face" (2016) was more in your face. Recently Thayer has been releasing upbeat singles — such as "You Can Lean On Me" (2017), "Don't Ask Me Why" (2018), "Do You Believe In Me" (2021), and "Carry Me Through" (2022) — to much play on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

Thayer has recently released his newest three-song EP titled "Carry Me Through."

Thayer’s younger brother is Tommy Thayer, the lead guitarist in the Hall of Fame rock ’n’ roll band KISS.

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