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Somewhere in the Distance — the latest EP from Singer-Songwriter John Thayer — dives into themes of regret, healing, hope, and comfort all set to catchy melodies, layered ethereal moods, all set to an Indy Pop groove.  Somewhere in the distance, we all experience these same feelings and emotions, and live to fight another day.


Thayer states, “the song Please Forgive Me nudges us all to not leave words unspoken because tomorrow isn’t promised. Being left with regrets when words are left unsaid is heartbreaking.”


The song We Are Diamonds speaks to the unique spirit that we all bring to the world in which we live.  Thayer said, “We’re all in this together. We’re all a worldly family and need to give love to one another so we have the strength to endure. We’re all special in our own way and bring a unique light to the universe.”


Way Beyond Compare was inspired by the untimely passing of Thayer’s sister, whose life was cut short by cancer. “So much unrealized potential,” Thayer said.


The album was recorded in Nashville, TN, with producer and engineer Micah Tawlks from Peptalk Studio.  Thayer said, “Micah brings so much creativity and inspiration to my music with his inventive instrumentation and intuitive counter melodies.”


Music runs in the family as Thayer’s brother, Tommy Thayer, is the lead guitarist (The Spaceman) for the iconic rock band KISS.


“These three songs are quite different than the last EP that I released – ‘Don’t Look Back.’ That was more electric guitar with an overall heavier vibe. The songs on ‘Carry Me Through’ are a more pop-driven style but still carry the same themes of love, relationships, and the personal challenges of life,” stated singer-songwriter John Thayer in a recent interview.


John states “the title song on the EP ‘Carry Me Through’ was written about my mother who passed away a number of years ago. The song has personal meaning, as my mother was the rock of the family – the one person that my siblings and I could really count on to carry us through all of life’s daily challenges in our childhood.”


“Carry Me Through” was recorded in Nashville, TN. with budding producer and engineer Micah Tawlks, with Peptalk Studio who John met a number of years ago when visiting his cousin, Bobby Krier, a successful singer-songwriter in his own right, from Sacramento, CA. Micah just happens to be Bobby’s brother in-law.


John states, “Micah brings so much creativity and inspiration to my music - in many ways putting the ‘meat on the bones’ with his inventive instrumentation and counter melodies.” Music runs in the family as John’s brother, Tommy Thayer, is the lead guitarist (The Spaceman) for the iconic rock band KISS.


On Nov. 5, 2021, Singer/Songwriter John Thayer released his latest three-song EP titled "Don't Look Back." The selection of songs — all written by Thayer — was recorded by Rob Daiker at The Commune in Portland, Oregon. Daiker co-produced and engineered the album. The three songs were written during the recent pandemic and cultivated Thayer's more powerful, electric sensibilities. The first single release "Do You Believe In Me" is featured in a lyric video. 


John Thayer is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon performing over the last four years as a solo artist developing and crafting his style. John’s signature sound has captivated a dedicated audience worldwide. In October, 2013, John released Laurel Street on EON Records. This Indie Pop production has its roots at the Oregon Coast where the artist has cultivated his musical sensibilities in the artist community of Cannon Beach where Thayer has a summer home. In April, 2015 John will release his new EP titled Take It Back.

As a follow-up to the critically acclaimed release, Laurel Street, this six song collection is an eclectic production using both live strings and brass horns to compliment John’s guitar, bass and drum ensemble. The Indie Pop style is reminiscent of Laurel Street, but the songs take on a deeper sophistication with lyrics that probe a bit deeper into the psyche. Take It Back was co-produced by the Laurel Street team of Bobby Krier and Micah Tawlks in Nashville. The record was mixed by Greg Collins (No Doubt, Matchbox Twenty, US), in Los Angeles. John’s brother Tommy is the lead guitarist for the iconic rock band KISS. ...


Though we're split on the merits of John Thayer's mannered raspiness, we all
 admire the pop-rock harmonies he achieves on his well-produced and craftily composed songs.


What strikes you is his versatility, with each song exuding a markedly different feel: “Face to Face” rises to a critical mass of dreamy voice and guitar blends with a solid chorus hook. Much heavier and darker is “Not Afraid,” which Thayer
 sings with a brooding confidence.

“Really Doesn’t Matter” rides a jangly melancholy that’s a dead ringer for Tom Petty. In fact, it is the sound-alike quality of that recording, together with Thayer’s ability to craft polished, versatile pop songs, that indicate he’s well cut out for film/TV work. ...


"We did write a couple of songs together years ago" mentions singer/songwriter John Thayer about his younger brother Tommy Thayer, known as the lead guitarist in the rock band KISS.  "One that I remember that stands out is a song called Broken Arrow.  [Tommy] has always been very supportive of my music — giving me advice, tips, and some guidance - especially in the earlier days. ...


Spitting blood. Breathing fire. Synchronized dance moves. Scary make-up and space garb. Packed arenas filled with black and white face-painted crowds mouthing every lyric to KISS songs. ...

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